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Visitors Book

  • A padded, case bound black imitation leather
    covered book of 128 pages, printed in grey on
    quality ledger paper. The book features protective
    brass corners and gold foil stamping to front cover.
    Size 190mm X 260m.
  • Price: $75.90 each
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Lodgers (Guest) Register

  • Register complies with Licensing Regulations to
    record Room Number, Lodger??s Name, Address
    Arrival & Departure Dates, Amount Charged Etc.
    92 Pages per Book. Over 5000 entries per book
    Size 280mm X 300mm
  • Price: $75.90 each
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Register of Injuries Book (Workcover) NSW

  • Soft covered book, 25 leaves in duplicate of the
    Form 4 required under Section 90 of the Act.
    Original copy is sent by employer to insurer,
    duplicate remains in book as a permenant record.
    Size 145mm X 210mm
  • Price: $16.50 each
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Register of Injuries Book - Victoria

  • The register of Injuries Book enables employers to
    keep a record of all injuries for immediate and future
    claims with Workcover.
    Soft covered book of 25 leaves in duplicate. Original
    copy is sent to Victorian Workcover Authority, duplicate
    copy stays with employer.
    Size 145mm X 210mm
  • Price: $16.50 each
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Register of Injuries & First-Aid Treatment NSW

  • The Occupational Health & Safety(First-Aid) Regulation,
    1989 states that a Register of Injuries & First-Aid Treatment
    must be kept at each place of work and is to be made
    available for inspection upon request by an inspector from
    the Workcover Authority.
    Soft covered book of 50 pages, 16 lines(entries) per page.
    Size 210mm X 295mm
  • Price: $27.00 each
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Time Sheets - Federal Award Hotel pkt

  • 100 sheets per pack.
    Size 145mm X 250mm
  • Price: $18.00 each
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Time Sheets - Hotels, Restaurants Etc. pkt

  • 100 sheets per pack.
    Specifically designed for the Hospitality Industry
    and General Industry
    Size 175mm X 215mm
  • Price: $15.00 each
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Advance Bookings Pad pad

  • 100 sheets per pad.
    Specifically designed for details of advance
    Size 125mm X 205mm
  • Price: $9.50 each
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Bookings At A Glance

  • Specifically designed for hotel/motels with up to
    30 accommodation units.
    Shows advance bookings for a whole month per
    double page.
    36 months records per book.
  • Price: $87.00 each
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Guest Registration Card pkt

  • 250 cards per packet
    Specifically designed for hotel/motels.
    Details guest information for new arrivals.
  • Price: $39.50 each
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